Undergraduate Information

The Department of History’s undergraduate programs educate students in the diversity and experience of the global past. They also prepare students to enter a wide variety of careers, by developing their ability to engage in critical thinking. History students learn to look at the human past in all its complexity and find patterns and meaning in ambiguous and complicated sets of facts. They learn to recognize the enormous range of human experiences across the centuries and to express their findings orally and in writing. Some students immediately employ these timeless skills in the working world, while many others choose to continue their education at law schools or in search of graduate and doctoral degrees.

The Department of History offers the Bachelor of Arts in History. Minors are available in History and Public History. The History Department also plays a key role in the College of Education’s BS in History, Secondary Education, as well as Interdisciplinary programs such as the BA or minor in African and African American Studies and the minor in Asian Studies.