Undergraduate Degree Information

TheĀ Bachelor of Arts in History is a liberal arts program preparing students to enter the work force upon graduation, or for advanced study (law school, or MA in the field of history). Students choose from four available concentrations in Historical Studies, Pre-Law, Public History, and Atlantic and Maritime Studies.

The concentration in Historical Studies is for students seeking a comprehensive training in History.

The concentration in Pre-Law is recommended for students intending to proceed to law school.

The concentration in Public History is for students seeking to focus their training on the public presentation of history (for instance in a museum, public archive, or historic preservation setting).

The concentration in Atlantic and Maritime is for students seeking a focus in an area that is of particular faculty strength at East Carolina.

All concentrations require the completion of a four-semester foreign language sequence.

History Major Map

History BA Catalog


In addition to the History major, the Department also offers two minors. One is in History (to be taken by students enrolled in another major other than History), and the other is in Public History. The Public History minor is recommended for non-History majors that seek a training in the public presentation of history.

History Minor Catalog